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Welcome to UF Faculty Senate 

Dear Fellow Faculty Members,

The role of shared governance has never been more critical, especially given the search for UF’s 13th president. Ensuring that the right person leads our university is my top priority as your Faculty Senate Chair. To that end, I want to highlight the Presidential Qualities Resolution passed by the Senate on May 5, 2022, also posted below in its entirety. This resolution will guide our work throughout the year, and together we must continue to advocate for a top-quality candidate—publicly, vigorously, and frequently.

Decision-making at the University of Florida can often seem far-removed from our daily faculty experience of mentoring students and conducting research. But now is the time to elevate our voices to the highest levels by becoming involved where those policy changes begin.

Some start with us, in Faculty Senate Councils and Committees. I encourage you to contact chairs and find meeting dates on the Master Calendar; meetings are open, and we encourage all faculty, not just Senators, to attend and offer input—we need to hear from you.

Many other important decisions are taken by the Board of Trustees and its committees, which need to hear from faculty at every stage of the policy-making process. I encourage everyone to engage with the Board by attending Committee and full board meetings. You can make a difference.

We should be proud of what we have achieved in the last two years, even in the face of extremely difficult circumstances. But moving forward, we all need to be involved in continuing the mission of making UF the great place we know it can be. With your united support, I know we can do it!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Amanda Phalin
Chair, Faculty Senate