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Welcome to UF Faculty Senate

Welcome to the University of Florida Faculty Senate. It is my privilege to serve as your 2017-2018 Chair.
Faculty Senate Chair

The faculty of the University of Florida are the foundation of this great institution.  It is through our leadership, teaching, research and service that the University of Florida achieves excellence and fulfills our commitment to our great state of Florida as a Land Grant University.

Our breadth of academic programs make accessible education for students from not only Florida, but across the United States and internationally. Strong academic programs lead to top student recruitment at the baccalaureate, master, and doctoral levels.  The academic scholarship of our faculty help provide state of the art educational programs to students through innovative online technology, award-winning instructors, and academic advising.  With nearly 53,000 students our faculty truly are at the center of the university supporting each student as they strive to reach their academic and professional goals.

As a premier research institution, UF is in a unique position to conduct novel and scholarly work and to address issues that face our state. UF researchers on campus and at locations throughout the state provide solutions to real issues impacting us all, from diabetes to citrus greening to zika. UF researchers received more than 724 million dollars in research funding in 2016. UF also works with faculty to ensure that research with commercialization potential succeeds. In 2016 the university negotiated 122 licenses and options on its technologies and contributed to the formation of 17 startup companies. Our research is providing real impact to improve the lives of people everywhere.

University of Florida truly extends its reach to the citizens of Florida. With our multiple healthcare facilities on campus and around the state and with the extensive outreach programs of IFAS, the University of Florida really does impact all of our citizens.  

I am looking forward to this year working with each of you to continue our pledge of making the University of Florida the best it can truly be.

Go Gators!

David M. Quillen, MD
Chair, Faculty Senate