Link to form:  Faculty University Council and Committee Form 2017-2018 

  • (Please note that you will be asked to sign in with your UF login and password)

Each year the University of Florida offers faculty the opportunity to participate in its governance through various university committees, boards, and councils.   A list of these groups can be found on this website. 

The Senate Nominating Committee invites nominations, including self-nominations, for fall 2017 appointments. 

Please fully complete the form before submitting as this information will be used in the voting process for senate committees and councils elections. 

If you choose to nominate a colleague, please confirm their willingness to serve before submitting.  Also, please verify that you (or your nominee) meet the requirements, if any, to serve on the committee(s).  Note: the nomination form includes the Senate Councils and only current faculty senators are eligible for service on these. 

On the form you may indicate your (or your nominee’s) willingness to serve “as needed” on any committee, which will increase the likely of an appointment.  

Please submit the completed form by 5 PM, January 31, 2017 (deadline extended from Dec 16)

On behalf of the committee, thank you for your consideration of this opportunity to make unique and meaningful contributions to the University of Florida.  If you have any questions concerning these committees, you may call or send an email to any of the members of the Senate Nominating Committee (listed on this Website).

Link to form:  Faculty University Council and Committee Nomination Form 2017-2018 (Please note that you will be asked to sign in with your UF login and password)