Advocacy with Legislators

Some faculty have expressed interest in playing a more active role in supporting the university by meeting with legislators and/or potential donors.  These are very different roles, with University Relations lobbying the legislature and the University Foundation raising funds.  However, both possibilities are ways that faculty can contribute to the university's success.  Faculty are free to volunteer for either or both, as they choose.

Meet with Legislators

In addition, you are invited to register with University Relations to indicate your availability to speak with legislators.  All faculty who volunteer to speak with legislators are asked to attend a training session to prepare to represent the university most effectively and to learn about the legislative process.  If you would like to participate, please click the link below to fill out a form.  Indicate your areas of expertise and your potential availability to travel.  There are no correct answers for the following questions, but the information gathered will assist University Relations to determine how best to draw on the contributions faculty can offer.


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